In light of ongoing disruptions in the Red Sea region, we inform you that overseas transport costs are persistently high. As a result, it is necessary to implement a temporary additional freight surcharge for our spas, affecting both orders from our Netherlands warehouse and container orders.
Effective Date: The extra freight surcharge will be in effect from January 13, 2024.

Swimspa Fitness 1 Deep 1
Swimspa Fitness 1 Deep
Swimspa Fitness 1 Deep
Now: 22490 €
Swimspa Activity 2 Deep
Swimspa Activity 2 Deep 1
Swimspa Activity 2 Deep
Now: 25490 €
Swimspa Activity 2
Swimspa Activity 2-2
Swimspa Activity 2
Now: 22490 €
Swimspa Activity 1 Deep
Swimspa Activity 1 Deep 2
Swimspa Activity 1 Deep
Now: 20990 €
Swimspa Activity 1-1
Swimspa Activity 1-2
Swimspa Activity 1
Now: 18490 €
Spa Exercise 1
Spa Exercise 2
Spa Exercise
Now: 12990 €
Spa Excite 1
Spa Excite 2
Spa Excite
15500 €
Now: 13690 €
Spa Devotion 1
Spa Devotion 2
Spa Devotion
11690 €
Now: 10690 €
Passion Spas Spa Heart 1
Passion Spas Spa Heart 2
Spa Heart
8890 €
Now: 7990 €
Swimspa Energy Deep
Swimspa Energy Deep 1
Swimspa Energy Deep
Now: 43900 €
Swimspa Energy
Swimspa Energy 1
Swimspa Energy
Now: 39990 €
Swimspa Spirit Deep
Now: 37190 €
Swimspa Spirit
Swimspa Spirit 2
Swimspa Spirit
Now: 28790 €
Swimspa Fitness 1-2
Swimspa Fitness 1
Swimspa Fitness 1
Now: 22690 €
Swimspa Dynamic
Swimspa Dynamic 1
Swimspa Dynamic
Now: 25490 €
Vitality Deep 1
Vitality Deep 2
Swimspa Vitality Deep
Now: 37790 €
Swimspa Dynamic Deep
Now: 29990 €
Swimspa Vitality 1
Swimspa Vitality 2
Swimspa Vitality
Now: 34990 €
Spa Serene 6-1
Spa Serene 6-2
Spa Serene 6
12390 €
Now: 14500 €
Spa Serene 5-1
Spa Serene 5-2
Spa Serene 5
9690 €
Now: 11990 €

Pleasing Massage

Each Passion Spa has a variety of massage features that will create the ultimate in hydrotherapy relief for you. Through years of experience and close cooperation with physiotherapists, we have designed a variety of massage experiences that are unique to Passion Spas

Personal Comfort

We go to great lengths to ensure that every detail of the spa contributes to your comfort and creates the ultimate relaxationexperience. The pleasing lines of the spa shell are both attractive and functional, providing strategic locations for lighting, jets, and features.

Perfect Water

Our filtration system automatically filters your spa water for a sparkling clean shine. Select our optional Synergy Watermaintenance System™ for a self contained water purification system. This advanced solution is a natural way to combine UV and Ozon and will ensure that your spa water is safe and clean for you and your family to enjoy.


Precision Made

Passion Spas are constructed with a pressure treated support structure giving you peace of mind and long lasting performance. Our spas are made with a maintenance free cabinet which is snugly fastened to the pressure treated support structure.

Planet Friendly

We only use poly urethane foam to maximize heat retention and minimize energy consumption. Our Passion Spas feature an electric heater in combination with a special friction heater (Hybrid Technology™) that generates heat by disturbing water molecule movement. The friction heater produces free heat which is generated from the speed and movement from the water. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of hot water and pleasing massage while saving money and the environment.

Protection for you

At Passion Spas, we build great spas and value long-term relationships. We want you happy with your spa today, tomorrow and in the future. Our experience in the spa business allows us to design and build great spas, using only the best components, and backing our spas with exceptional support to our dealers.

ARE YOU NOT SURE WHICH PASSION SPA HOT TUB MAKES YOU BETTER? Call us at or use our contact form and we will contact you to see which hot tub is best for you.