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Spa Exercise

This compact spa is ideal for smaller spaces. In this three-person spa you will experience maximum comfort on the two seats. The spa also has high-quality massage jets. You can adjust the intensity of the jets to a comfortable level for you. Each jet in the spa has its own function and together they guarantee optimal hydrotherapy that relaxes the entire body.

Now: 12990 €
TEMPORARY FREE option package worth €2650
Passion Spas has been in the Netherlands for over 20 years and that is reason for a party! You will therefore temporarily receive a free option package on the Fonteynspas models. The integrated Option Package includes:
  • Air blower + Jets
  • Stainless stainless steel jets
  • LED lighting and LED background in cushions
  • Waterfall with LED lighting
  • Aromatherapy
  • Corner lighting
  • Energy-efficient circulation pump
  • Balboa Controller